Missions at a Glance

We are all about the glory of God, the good of our town and the joy of the world. We as a church think outwardly. We seek to build God's kingdom, and not our own castle. We have a passion to see God's glory and fame reach the ends of the earth. We make disciples to influence the world for the glory of God and the good of man. We are committed to the biblical dynamics of love and justice. We therefore seek to partner with others to bring Jesus' hope to the nations, freedom to the enslaved, grace to the oppressed, and love to all. This begins locally in our town of Jacksonville, and extends globally to the peoples of the world.

We seek to advance the Gospel of Jesus. Advancing the Gospel means that we share Jesus where He hasn't yet been shared. This involves taking the love, grace and mercy of Jesus where it has not yet reached. Administering the Gospel entails showing the love of Jesus in areas where He is known. However, even in areas where Jesus is known, there is still much to do to see the hope of Jesus fully experienced by people. To advance the Gospel, we preach grace, serve others, fight injustice, and extend mercy. 

Check back for more info soon on our missions partners. Below, you can find out more about the orphanage in Haiti we helped start. It is a great place for you to  connected with in the area ofmissions.

All things new orphanage

Matt and Jessica Bush, two of our own, initiated this orphanage through RiverTown and moved to Haiti in 2015 to lead this vital ministry located just west of Port au Prince. 

This third world nation has struggled to develop and thrive, and currently has a 70% unemployment rate. The nation, slightly larger than Massachusetts, is home to 750,000 orphans.

James 1:27 tells us that orphancy is a clear justice issue. We are executing biblical justice through this ministry.

To learn more about how you can partner with All Things New Orphange, contact Matt Bush (mattbush15@gmail.com) or visit www.allthingsneorphanage.com.