W o m e n

Many believed in Him because of her testimony.

John 4:39

W o m e n ,  w e  i n v i t e  y o u  t o  c o n n e c t  a n d  g r o w  w i t h  u s !
There are many ways to connect and grow through our Women's Ministry.
From our "Dinner & A Purpose Environment" to our many small groups,
we want to help you connect with God and other women.
Connect and Grow in Community.
We have many  small group opportunities (both women only and co-ed) for you to connect and grow. Reach out to our women's ministry leader Amber Adams ( to find a group that will encourage you and help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.
"Dinner & A Purpose" is a community for women during the school year. This environment will return to RiverTown in the fall.
The gathering features dinner, Bible study and a time to connect with other ladies. Celebrating a great Spring of "Dinner and a Purpose" gatherings, we look forward to meeting again together this next next fall.

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